Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Mothers Incident

So, my mother is going to kill me for posting this picture but Sarah thought this was a good idea so we're blaming this on her. Tuesday my mother was having a great day. She watched the kids for me while I ran errands, helped me clean the house, ate lunch with the babies, and helped me put kids to bed, she was perfectly fine. She said she was a little tired so she went to her room to lay down. About 45 minutes later I found her not breathing with no pulse. I was able to resuscitate her and the paramedics came and took her to the hospital. In the hospital before she was fully aware of what was going on she kept taking off her oxygen mask because it was bugging her. I called home to check on the children and as I was finishing my call I looked over and found her like this. They never could determine what exactly caused it. They aren't sure why she was fine one minute and not the next but she seems to be okay now except she will have to sleep with a machine that forces her to breathe and she will have to use oxygen from now on. They are keeping her in the hospital for a few more days due to unrelated insulin issues she has been having but she should be home this weekend. I've tried twice to have the playroom turned into a bedroom for her but both times the people who were supposed to build it have flaked out (one after being paid) but I've decided not to do it after all because if there had been a door there I would have never noticed she wasn't breathing. Oh and we refer to it as her incident now because that's what they kept calling it at the hospital.


J and C said...

Shannon- I hope you are doing okay, and that you Mom has no more problems.

Tink said...

That picture breaks my heart. I'm so glad you found her in time and were able to get her to the hospital!