Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Battle of Mansfield Field-trip

Last semester Tanner and Sarah studied U.S. History 1 which pretty much consist of a whole lot of wars so over Thanksgiving break we took a field-trip to the Mansfield civil war battlefield On the Texas/Louisiana border. My plan was for them to stand on an actual battle ground and maybe learn something. However, since the battlefield is a government protected historical site nothing can be disturbed, not even the overpopulated hive of bees, which happened to swarm on the exact day that we decided to visit. Since Tanner is allergic to bees we were forced to keep all of our activities indoors. 



Because it was their field-trip I let them take all the pictures.Tanner was obsessed with the weapons and Sarah could not get over the barbaric medical equipment. After this trip she decided she wanted to study forensic health for her science next year because she will get to study more medical tools and cadavers and is even required to do an autopsy unit where she has to actually watch an autopsy be performed.

They had this fun room where they let the kids play dress up and try on different uniforms, wash their hands with actual bars of lye soap and eat bits of dried food similar to what the soldiers would have eaten. I have no idea how we didn't end up with any pictures of Tanner because Brendan was the one taking pictures during that time. 

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