Sunday, April 10, 2016

I can't believe he's 16!

Tanner was such a large baby they had to deliver him more than three weeks early because they were afraid that when I actually went into active labor I would progress to quickly and he would become trapped. Like my first two I started contracting around five months and spent the rest of my pregnancy on bedrest trying not to have a baby. We knew a full term pregnancy was't going to be an option so we decided on a controlled delivery rather than a surprise. They were right, he came very big and very fast, at almost a month early he was 8lbs 13oz and my labor went so fast he was out in three pushes. He was the biggest and fattest of all my babies. At 3 months old he was eating at least 12oz every 2 hours and was mad when we stopped feeding him. He was also the quietest and loved his sleep. He grew up to be the mouthiest of all the kids. He talks nearly as much as Sarah and he still loves to sleep, ALL THE TIME! He still eats like a hoarse except now he can't seem to gain weight on his own. A few months ago we had to put him on medicine to gain weight because he was so underweight. It worked, he gained 15lbs in less than three months. He likes taking care of the little kids and loves to chill with his siblings. He is also very creative and loves to build and invent things, he says he going to be an entrepreneur when he grows up. 












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