Monday, April 18, 2016

Playing on the Beach and Katrina Trees

Because you can't go to the coast without going to the beach, even if it is nearly winter, we took the kids to play anytime it wasn't raining in Mississippi. 


Standing out on the sand bar.

One of Oscar's favorite things to do when we go to the beach is to build drip sandcastles out on the sandbars and watch them slowly wash away. 

Teaching the boys how to make a castle with wet sand.

Zander found some fish and decided to chase the other kids around,

Sarah and Zander found a Horseshoe Crab,

 Tanner found a Jellyfish,

And Brendan walked around the whole time texting Felicia.

Katrina Tree's
After hurricane Katrina there were all these dead trees left just standing around. Everywhere you turned there were more dead trees. During the cleanup any trees that were determined to be unstable or unsafe were taken down but any stable trees, dead or alive were left standing. They couldn't waste the time or the man power on anything that wasn't an emergency. Afterward there were all these dead trees left standing all over Mississippi, especially along the coast. So the mayor asked a local chainsaw artist if he might be able to do something with the trees. We often see him out on the weekends carving up trees or making sculptures out of driftwood he's drug up from the beach. Whenever Oscar and the kids go to the beach I usually go wandering around looking for tree sculptures that I haven't seen before or maybe find some that I had forgotten about. 

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