Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sarah's Hair

Sarah has been asking me for years to color her hair cool aide red but I wouldn't ever agree to it, mostly because I was afraid Oscar would kick my butt and also because funky color hair is against school dress code. When she decided to  donate her hair to Locks of Love again I decided I would reward her by cool aide dying her hair for school break since it's only temporary.  It was disastrous and made a huge mess. I was supposed to leave it on her hair for 24 hours but after about 20 minutes I sent her to the shower to wash it out and called a friend to permanently color it for her. It was very cute with just a little burgundy. Ever since then we have been in a never ending cycle of cutting and coloring her hair. Every 6 weeks or so we color it again and it's usually a shade of red but sometimes brown and she still asks several times a week if we can try a new color  but burgundy is as wild as I will agree to. I do once a month I let her spray her hair with pink hairspray for the weekend because it washes right out.
When it started to grow out a little she wanted to try flipping out but the hairdryer and curling iron give her anxiety so we only did that a few times.

After that she wanted to try coloring at home but when we did the color didn't take real well in the back so I had to give her a swing bob haircut.

As it grew out a little more she decided she wanted to cut and color it like Gramma Cedes. This is my favorite but Oscar doesn't like it because he thinks it makes her look older.

At the moment she's sporting an auburn bob but she has recently found cool aide red semi-permanent hair color at the dollar store and made me buy it. She said carrot orange is not the color she wants to be expelled for but she is willing to risk it for the chance to have the color she dreams of. Let's hope this goes better than last time.

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kate downey said...

her hair looks really nice like that good job! :)