Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sleepover Rules

Every weekend we have cousin sleepovers at our house. This weekend Sarah decided she should go stay the night with one of her cousins instead of her cousins coming to her house. I don't usually let her have sleepovers on Saturday because we have church on Sunday but this time she had a plan. Before asking me she called my sister to make sure it was okay. Then she and Hannah called each other to discuss the details. After that she sat down and wrote a set of sleep over rules before coming down to ask permission. She came up with these all by herself so I hope this isn't the way she acts at other peoples house to make her think she needs rules for sleepover behavior.
  1. be nice
  2. be kind
  3. don't say bad words
  4. no junk food
  5. no cartoon network
  6. no nickalodien
  7. watch my manners(something I tell her a lot lately)
  8. no playing in the MUD(a standing rule for her no matter where she is or what she's doing)
  9. no shoving
  10. no biting
  11. no punching
  12. no smacking
  13. no snacking
  14. no chocking(choking)
  15. no farting or burping in peoples faces(she has a cousin that does this)
  16. no throwing your food across the room
  17. eat all your food
  18. go to bed at 8:00pm
  19. don't stay up past 8:00pm
  20. no midnight snacking
  21. brush your teeth

She did get to go after explaining her plans and insisting that all the kids would fallow the rule so they wouldn't drive KK crazy.

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Kirchner Family said...

You can't say no after they make up such good rules - I would post those rules for all times to be obeyed!