Saturday, December 26, 2009


All of my blog posts are gonna be out of order for the next few days so just bear with me and be happy your not still looking at Halloween. On December 15th our dog had puppies. I myself have never delivered puppies that has always been Oscars job. I have to say it was the most disgusting thing ever. Just the smell of her water breaking made me vomit and she had 11 puppies so her water broke 11 times. After that I was done. I had to call my sister and her best friend for help. They didn't mind at all and thought it was funny that every time I tried to clean up the birthing mess I had to throw up again. I should have made KK clean up after the dog since she was the one who let the dog get out in the first place but she was busy delivering the puppies and I couldn't stand leaving the mess for later. It has been 11 days and i still think my house smell like puppy afterbirth. I finally caved and gave them a bath today which has improved the smell a little. I know it's a little early but lets face it there was no way I was gonna wait 4 weeks with dirty puppies in my house. KK and Sandra named them as they delivered them. They all had vampire names in the beginning but the kids have renamed some of them with werewolf names. There is one that Zander is particularly fond of and he renamed it Sharla hoping that I wouldn't give her away.

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Remodelaholic said...

WOW! 11 puppies! They are adorable!