Friday, April 2, 2010

The Circus

If you ever go to the circus don't get ring side seats it really isn't worth it and you miss half the show. We missed most of the tigers because all the circus employees circled around the cage so that no one tried to get too close and we had to peak between people to see anything.We weren't able to get any pictures of the trapeze swingers either because there were too many lights on at the top of the tent and we were looking up into the lights.

The Fire Eater

The Toy Elephant

The Real Elephants

The Clowns

The Dog and Pony Show

The Acrobats

Brendan thought he was too old for the circus,

and an elephant pooed next to J.P. and Zander so they were a little less than thrilled to be ring side,

but Tanner and Sarah had a blast.

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