Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not Sleeping

I don't sleep a lot when Oscar isn't here so i sit in my big comfy chair reading until I fall asleep. I'm okay with not sleeping, I function better with less than 5 hours of sleep but I think my bad sleeping habits are rubbing off on the kids.

Zander's a daddies boy so when Oscar is gone Zander can't sleep. He gets up to wander the house at night and sneak a little TV and then everyday when I wake up I find him on the floor next to either mine or Bobos bed.

Sarah can't sleep without Zander so now when she wakes up in the middle of the night she goes to find Zander.

Sometimes I catch her looking for Zander and i send her back to bed. instead of going to her own bed she gets in Zanders and reads until she falls asleep. i have no idea how long she stays awake in there but at least she isn't sneaking TV.

I've also been finding Brendan still curled up on his closet floor reading when I go in to wake him up but he's still awake so i can't ever get a picture. He says he sleeps a little and then reads a little but I'm not sure he isn't staying up all night.

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