Sunday, November 1, 2009

No More Dog :(

Our bad word neighbor called the city to complain about the dogs so many time that the city deemed the dog a neighborhood nuisance so the dogs had to go. They gave me a ticket for $6000($2000 per dog) and told me to deal with the dogs because if he called again the would be back to give me another ticket. I did call the courthouse and explained the whole neighbor situation, they never came out to give me a warning, and that the dogs were no longer living at our house and got them to bring the ticket down to $265. It's very odd to not have them here so in December I'm gonna bring one of the dogs back and we'll just see what happens.


Kirchner Family said...

Oh! Very Rotten Neighbor!

J and C said...

Wow, that neighbor is like a psycho. Can you compalin to the city about having to live next to him? Maybe they can cite him $6,000 for being such a rude person!

Denice Honshtein said...

Maybe you need to sick your dogs on him!!! Tell the city the dogs are your protection FROM your neighbor while Oscar is gone!!!! Stupid Man!!!