Friday, February 27, 2009

The Barn and the Girls

This is our new barn. It was not a nice family project, my husband said many bad words. If you ever decide to buy one of these things read the instructions before you drive out of the parking lot. First check to make sure that the instructions are in there, ours were not. Now you have to make sure they are the right instructions for the shed you are building. Now read over them several times to make sure that it is something you can do, and that they make logical since. Like for instance the front and back walls had no framing at all. You see the 2 studs on the right and left sides of the front wall, that is what they considered framing. We were supposed to brace some sheets of ply-wood together with scraps of wood, attach the studs to the outside of the front and back wall, lift them up into the air, match up all the corners and nail the thing together. We did it too, but it didn't seem very stable so we framed the wall later. If we were smart we would have done it first. After we got all four walls together we realized not only did they send us the wrong instruction, but the kit came with pieces of two or three different kits. The walls were for an 10ft X 10ft x 10ft tall building, but the floor kit was for an 8ft x 10ft building, and the rafters and trusses for the roof and loft were for an 8ft x 8ft x 8ft tall building. We had to make modifications to the walls while they were still standing. We couldn't return it, Lowe's won't take them back after you start building it, and the company wanted us to ship them the old pieces and they would ship us a new building, but smaller. We didn't have time to start over, we had to have it finished by Tuesday or code compliance was going to confiscate my chickens. I should also mention that when the instructions say lay out and mark and measure every piece of the kit before you start you really should do this. We only counted to make sure they were all there, we never bothered to measure the pieces and if we had we would have noticed something was wrong before we got the thing half built.

This is my wonderful husband building the barn that I convinced him we could build saving us like $1500.

This our Girls enjoying their new home.

This is our reward for all of my husbands hard work raising chickens. Sometimes we are rewarded with super huge double yolkers. In the second picture the egg on the left is one of our large eggs and the one next to it is a double yolker. My kids refer to them as twin egg, but they're not truly twin egg. Twin eggs are two completely formed eggs with their own membranes and sometimes their own shells inside a giant shell about the size of a grown mans hand. I can't wait till we get on of those.

By the way the chickens started out as my project, but my husband stole them from me.

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Sharla said...

Man that's a huge egg! We get some big ones, but not that huge yet. I'm glad the barn finally came together for you. Such a headache! Thanks for our hens... they are enjoying their new home :)