Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everything happens when your 12

Tanner and I were talking today and he asked me a question and my answer was when your 12. He said "Ugh, I hate being nine, you have to wait like three years to do anything, everything happens when your twelve. You can have a pocket knife, you get to babysit, you get a cell phone, and you even get a little skillet and it comes with a small pot too". 8 used to be the birthday to look forward to in our house because even though after you get baptized you get more responsibility as a big kid you also get a little more freedom like riding your bike on the street or playing over at a friends who's not a member of the church or related to you, buying your own ice cream from the ice cream man and for the boys riding in the car without a carseat. Zander is gonna be very disappointed he turns 8 and he isn't big enough to do most of the 8 year old things. For Sarah and Zander 12 will be when they are finally big enough to ride without a carseat.

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Sharla said...

It is sad when we spend our whole youth wishing for the next age to be able to "do" something important. Then as adults we wish we could go back and enjoy the time again :). It is funny that the car seats will still get good use until 12 though ;)