Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gone Crazy

Zander has gone girl crazy. He's been picking fights with girl so that they will chase him and he let a girl kiss him on the arm(this is a big deal when your 7 because kissing on he cheek is just gross). I told him he better not be kissing girls anywhere, ever and the girls better not be kissing him either. Last week he came home from school and asked how old he has to be when he could go on a double date. I asked why he was asking and he said that this was very embarrassing to talk about it so could I just answer. I reminded him that the rule is 16. None of the other kids were ever girl or boy crazy so I called my older sister for help because my niece has been boy crazy since she was two. Her daughter is only eleven and it hasn't gotten any better so she had no advise. What ever happened to cooties? her answer was penicillin. Not helpful Jen. We recently had to have a family home evening on dating and girlfriends or boyfriends because Tanner likes a girl at his school. He said he doesn't want to date her, she's just cute that's all. Sarah thinks boys are gross or so she says and Brendan says there's no hope for him because all the girls are bigger than him so I don't have to worry. Zander on the other hand likes all 7 year old girls. I'm going to lock him in the closet.

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Tink said...

Oh my. I am SO not ready for that to happen with my boys! Good luck with that! (: